DEM: Digital Elevation Models

  We can make DEMs using digitised cartography or any other data sources.
  Any type of DEM: Urban, Topographic etc...

 Should you want to, we can provide you with the information about the interpolation methods used (colocation, Inv-Dist, Triangulation, least curvature ...)

 All we need to know is the area for wich you want to make the DEM, max and min coordinates, maps and additionally any features you want to be specially treated (mountains, pits, rivers...)

 If you work in  Multimedia, Video Animation, Illustration, Web Design or mapping we can provide you with the DEM data in multimedia formats: TIFF, JPEG,TGA,... or for 3D programs: Bryce, World Construction Set, 3D Studio Max,DEM vista pro, XYZ genérico, DXF, 3D Studio, Lightwave, WCS, Terrain Shaded Reliefs,  ...

 We can provide
  •  The DEM contour lines data in several formats ( DXF, ArcGIS, EET, PlaNET,...)
  •  The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) inn ASCII, binary,  raster,  XYZ, ArcINFO, ENVI, ERDAS,EET, PlaNET, ...
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