Drawings & Infography

  The Computer Graphics and drawings are made based on the documentation you provide us with 3D programs and manual drafting. Manual drawings are drwan using traditional techniques alike on paper and computer drawing programs.

 With the documentation that the client provides and our own research we can include all the information and details you may want so they  become a complement and support the text.

 In the examples you can see some of the posibilities we can offer you.

All our maps come in popular file formats and are Royalty Free.

  • Formats : Freehand, Eps, illustrator, Pdf, Corel, Tiff, Jpeg,...
  • All drawings and maps are Royalty Free for use in printed and digital documents, publications, web sites and other projects.


     Bellow you can see a few examples. To see some more maps, drawings or computer graphics visit our website with recent publications Carto-Grafía.com




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